Brand auto

Volkswagen Caddy
173 000
Release year:

2.0 Petrol

655 000

trade-in program

In order to sell a used car quickly and save yourself from the hassle of finding customers, advertising costs and diagnostics, we advise you to use the Trade-IN AUTOCRAFT service. This is the best and most reliable option to sell your vehicle in the shortest possible time.

When selling a car on his own, the owner faces a lot of tasks that need to be solved, while additionally spending his own time and budget:

  • create and place advertisements on the Internet;
  • answer a lot of incoming phone calls;
  • independently engage in pre-sale car preparation;
  • involve a notary public or the Service Center of the Ministry of
  • Internal Affairs and many other additional actions.

Such a procedure can take more than one month and require considerable patience and the expenditure of significant material resources.

If you want to sell your car as quickly as possible and at the same time save your own nerves and money, use the Trade-IN AUTOCRAFT service. This service guarantees a quick sale of your car with mileage and receiving money or replacing the old vehicle with a new one.

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